How to use the inflatables correctly and safely?

November 6, 2019

Latest company news about How to use the inflatables correctly and safely?

Over the years, there have been many accidents in inflatable products. For example, the slide collapse caused the child to be seriously injured. And in our daily life, many of us and our children have been to many street fairs and birthday parties where inflatable rides are temporarily installed as an inexpensive means of child entertainment. What we never think about are the catastrophic injuries and fatalities that result when an inflatable ride fails due to faulty manufacture, design defect, improper installation, or an inattentive operator.


In fact, Safe play is important to all families, especially during physical activity. To business owners, the safety of the service they provide is also crucial to the success of the business.sed properly, Bary inflatables are an extremely safe, fun way for kids to play, burn off energy, and develop motor skills.


And how to use the inflatables correctly and safely?


1. Anchoring is critical. Your inflatable must be properly anchored using stakes and/or sandbags at all times to take the strong wind.

2. The most important safeguard that must be in place is having a responsible adult actively supervising at all times to prevent accident or injury. Never leave players unattended at any time.

3. For water parks, pls always check the water depth and always be supervised to prevent drowning.

4. Players should be of about the same size, weight, and ability. For example, it may be unsafe to have 12-year-olds playing on the Inflatable at the same time as six-year-olds.


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You will probably come up with a few common sense safety ideas of your own, in addition to the following rules:


No rough play.
Bounce away from others.
Avoid contact between players.
No unsafe moves or stunts such as somersaults, flips, gymnastic moves, etc.
Only one user may slide at a time.
Always make sure slide is clear of others before sliding.
Slide feet first, never head first.
Do not jump down the slide.
Never stand up on slide platform.
Do not climb or hang on containing walls.
Do not eat, drink or chew gum in play area (choking hazard).
Keep hands away from netting.
No sharp or dangerous objects.
Remove shoes, glasses, loose clothing, head gear, jewelry, helmet. Do not jump onto or off of the Inflatable.
When climbing platforms, always climb in an upright position, placing feet in foot holes, and placing hands on support handles.


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Pay attention to the weather. Take note of not only current weather conditions but forecasted conditions as well, since weather can change very quickly. Do not use in rain, strong wind or extreme weather conditions. As a general rule, use your Inflatable in winds not exceeding 15 miles per hour.