Insane 5K in Brazil

September 30, 2019

Insane 5K in Brazil

Crazy 5KM Running / in Brazil by Barry Inflatable

Crazy 5K originated in the United States and quickly swept the world. This was the first obstacle run in Brazil, which sensationalized Brazil. This obstacle run includes 11 elements, such as Start Line, Tunnel, Hurdles, Waves, Mountain, Big Bounce, Jump, Holes, Drop Jump Tower.
This event is very popular because everyone can participate regardless of physique, body or experience. And no one cares how much time you spend on that, bringing your friends, family, colleagues, sports teams or running alone. Anyway, it will be fun!


inflatable 5k


Our partners have successfully hosted many large-scale events, such as: on August 17th, 2019 in Fredrikstad, August 24th, in Sandefjord, May 9, 2020: Honeyflies. For the Honeyflies, it will be the second time to them to hold here, because their first event was held in this city On May 11, 2019, the tickets were all robbed and very popular, so they decided to hold it again here in 2020.


insane 5k brazil


In 2018, our company manager Rita signed this big order with professional service. Before shipping, you also came to check the goods. This process is hard but happy. This is a worthwhile investment project. I hope that our customers can do more activities and go all over the country. Barry Inflatable will continue to develop and innovate more inflatables, and look forward to the next cooperation to bring you more surprises and profits.


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